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Down­Stage started in 2011 and is an effort to develop an engine for Cyber­for­mances — net­worked inter­ac­tive per­for­mances with nar­ra­tive and the­atri­cal back­ground. Down­Stage is built from scratch as Open Source project. It ben­e­fits from expe­ri­ences with UpStage, the ini­tial web­based plat­form for Cyber­for­mance, and tries to get rid of lim­i­ta­tions which were caused by the used tech­nol­ogy and result­ing dead ends. The over­all goal is to com­bine reli­able and open stan­dards, to gain at most flex­i­bil­ity, exten­si­bil­ity and sus­tain­abil­ity. The devel­op­ment is dri­ven by best prac­tices and estab­lished prin­ci­ples of mod­ern soft­ware design and devel­op­ment. Because the cre­ativ­ity of artists is end­less and always demand­ing for spe­cial solu­tions, Down­Stage tries to fill the gap between artist and tech­nol­ogy and wants to pro­vide an easy and usable foun­da­tion. Down­Stage wel­comes every­one who wants to get involved in this amaz­ing project. Please visit the project page for more information.

Dis­con­tin­ued and var­i­ous past projects

The Video Hack for UpStage is another effort after the UpStage Fork (see below) to enhance the Cyber­for­mance plat­form by adding new func­tion­al­i­ties related to audio– and videostream­ing. It inte­grates smoothly with the Red5 Media Server which is freely avail­able as open source stream­ing solu­tion. The hack is done as part of the art project “We Have A Sit­u­a­tion” hap­pen­ing in spring 2013 across Europe.

UpStage is the ini­tial plat­form for Cyber­for­mances and exists since 2004. The fork has been cre­ated to be able to enhance the code­base by automat­ing deploy­ment for eas­ier devel­op­ment and to gain deeper insights into the struc­ture. After being stuck with a bunch of unre­solv­able prob­lems the fork has been dis­con­tin­ued. The project page for the fork is still avail­able but it is not finally ready for pro­duc­tion use. The orig­i­nal project — led by Helen Var­ley Jamieson and Vicki Smith — is still active. You can find more infor­ma­tion in the UpStage Blog. And you can also visit the orig­i­nal devel­op­ment project page on Source­forge.

Global Prayer was an art project for the cul­tural pro­gram of the 2nd ecomeni­cal church con­gress in Munich from 13th till 15th of May 2010. The web­site was devel­oped to allow multi-user inter­ac­tion by giv­ing answers to sev­eral essen­tial ques­tions. All answers were also pro­jected on the walls of the Aller­heili­gen­hofkirche as part of an instal­la­tion. The art direc­tion was per­formed by Horst Koni­et­zny.

Emo­tional Gam­ing
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Emo­tional Gam­ing was an event with sym­po­sium and work­shops held from 26th to 28th June 2008. As part of a stud­ies project the web­site was imple­mented and the whole event actively accom­pa­nied. Over­all it gave a inno­v­a­tive per­spec­tive on the past and future of dif­fer­ent aspects regard­ing emo­tional gam­ing from the­atri­cal, nar­ra­tive and tech­ni­cal point of views. It was orga­nized by Dr. Jörg von Brincken and Horst Koni­et­zny.

YKDS was a stud­ies project in 2007 which com­bined a web­site and Sec­ond Life with Angelo, an ora­cle imple­mented as chat­bot. Angelo had a sim­ple AI engine and could respond to any ques­tion, essen­tially ones like “What is the mean­ing of life?”. Due to lack of host­ing capa­bil­i­ties the chat engine as also the Sec­ond Life land went offline, but you can still visit the web­site and get fur­ther impres­sions. The project was done in coop­er­a­tion with the the­atre sci­ences fac­ulty of the Ludwigs-Maximilian-University in munich. It was men­tored by uni­ver­sity lec­tur­ers Prof. Burkhard Stork and Horst Koni­et­zny.

Wakka Wakka
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Wakka Wakka
“Wakka Wakka” is a short ani­mated movie which was cre­ated in 2006 as part of the mul­ti­me­dia stud­ies at the Uni­ver­sity of Applied Sci­ences in Augs­burg by Simon Lin­dauer, Michael Golling and Mar­tin Eisen­barth. It has been ranked on the first place at the wild cat­e­gory of the demoscene fes­ti­val Buen­zli 15 in switzer­land. Here you can watch the video:.